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A business lawsuit on average 
costs $91,000- even if you win!  

Avoid the unexpected legal hassles that can ruin your company and jeopardize your life savings. 



The Collett Law Firm is a boutique law firm in North Metro Atlanta specializing in business transactions and exit strategy:  
  • We help solopreneurs to owners of multi-million dollar companies avoid the stress and expense of legal problems so they can focus your time, energy and money on growing your business without being interrupted or derailed by unexpected legal hassles. 
  • We also help service company owners who don't want to miss out on selling your company for top dollar in 3 to 5 years because they waited too late to start preparing.    
The Collett Law Firm also helps individuals and married couples have the peace of mind that comes from having their estate plan in order so that when their death comes, either unexpectedly or after an illness, their loved ones are spared the hassles and extra expense that occur when there isn't an estate plan or it's out-of-date.   

We help business owners who are...

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